Artist Statement

After potting for 35 years I can say I am experiencing a renaissance of my creative spirit. Every day in my studio is an adventure as I explore new forms, techniques, glazes, and clay bodies. After years of using porcelain exclusively I am excited to include iron bearing stoneware as a medium for potting. The transformation of my glazes on stoneware excites me with their earthiness.  On my porcelain work I have been exploring ash glazes and find their detail revealing quality on my textured slipped work fulfilling. The addition of hand built slab pieces with their impressed textures, or brushed slip relief, have added a new dimension to my body of work.
My botanical inspiration is still evident in my vases that I continue to refine. The best are endued with a lively floral essence. I’m also exploring vase forms that are embellished with geometric brushed slip relief. I find their repeating relief forms or weaved textures captivating.  I’m growing my line of tableware for serving food and containment